More than sleek; they are unique too

Low-E Glass_Illustration

Our wine coolers have Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating on its glass door.

It minimises the amount of infrared and UV light that comes through the glass, without minimising the amount of light that enters the cooler. It reflects the heat from the outside and the cold air back inside. This will keep the temperature in the cooler much more consistent as the loss of cool air inside as well as the heat transfer from outside through the glass door is minimized significantly.

With the combined stable temperature and minimal energy transfer through the glass door, the cooling system has to work less to maintain the temperature settings, making it more energy efficient!


Blue LED


Blue LED Lights

Emit less heat than traditional lights. Keeps the interior cooler and elegant.

Full Black Frame


Full Black Frame

Non-gap black frame with tempered glass exudes elegance and class

precise temperature


Precise Temperature Control

Adjust the desired temperature for your wine collections.

Wooden Shelves


Ergonomic Wooden Shelves

Adapted to fit most bottles' shape and capacity, for easy storage of wines. Slides out for easy retrieval.

Charcoal Filter


Active Charcoal Filters

Eliminates odors in the coolers by filtering the air within the wine cooler. Keeps the air smelling fresh.

Reversible door


Reversible Door

Adjustable to switch between left and right opening, to suit layout at home.

CW 50TH SNS - glass door


Anti-UV Glass Door

Blocks out harmful Ultra-Violet rays to preserve the flavor

Touch control


Touch Control

Ergonomic control that is easy to use. Minimalist design with glossy finish.

Removable Steel Shelves Label


Removable Steel Shelf Labels

Label your wine collections on different shelves, for easy access at one glance.

Sliding Shelves Stopper


Sliding Shelf Stoppers

The safety feature secures sliding shelves in position and prevents unintentional dislodgement.

Circulatory Ventilation System


Ventilation Circulatory System

Constantly circulating clean filtered air throughout while keeping the temperature stable




Avoid unwanted access to the collections. Keeping safe from children

*Product features vary from model to model.